How to fix hkship.exe has stopped working Solved

There are many resources on the net about How to fix hkship.exe has stopped working error when running Sleeping Dogs game but no one of its to fix it.  Yesterday, I installed  Sleeping Dogs game and I get error message hkship.exe has stopped working. I try browsing and browsing, read every posts, no one really solved the error.

hkship.exe has stopped working

Today, I can solved the error “hkship.exe has stopped working”.   I am very happy If I can share this to every gamer who have get this error too. There are many gamer frustrated to fix this error.  I have do 3 steps to fix it, follow this steps:

1.  I downloaded and installed latest DirectX 11

2.  I downloaded and installed my latest graphics card in this case I am using NVIDIA GEFORCE 9400 GT for Windows 7 64 bit.

3.  Open My computer – Properties – Advanced system settings – Advanced ( Performance – Settings ) – Data execution prevention – Turn on DEP – Add.  It looks like the image

fix hkship.exe has stopped working

then restart computer.  Run hkship.exe :)


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